RAP performs the sub grade preparation and installs the aggregate base on nearly every project we build. We have all of the equipment in our equipment fleet to do any grading project and have extensive experience installing any type of aggregate base including virgin, recycled, cement treated, and permeable base. RAP can also perform pulverization and soils stabilization treatment.



RAP mainly performs new construction of all types of asphalt paving but also has the ability to do any type of asphalt repair. RAP installs traditional hot-mix asphalt paving as well as warm-mix asphalt paving and can provide cold in-place asphalt recycling as an option on larger projects. We have wheeled and tracked production paving machines that are equipped with automatic elevation and slope controlling systems and various sizes of compaction equipment for any application.



RAP also specializes in grinding and overlay operations and can perform any size of grinding and overlay project from parking lots and street improvements to large overlay programs. RAP can also perform any type of surface preparation or install paving fabrics associated with overlay operations.


porous asphalt paving systems

RAP is one of the most experienced paving companies in San Diego when it comes to porous paving systems. We have done entire systems including impermeable liners, reservoir and drainage systems, and porous asphalt paving. RAP's experience has enabled us to work closely with asphalt producers to develop installation and compaction guidelines to achieve required permeability for these paving systems.


seal coat

RAP performs seal coat for new construction projects just before turning the project over to the owner and also performs seal coating as part of an ongoing asphalt maintenance program.